Make It Last

In our opinion, the best parts about antique and estate pieces are the stories they carry and the histories they have. Oftentimes, that means that they’ll have scratches on them, signs of aging and wear, and maybe even some quirks. To us, that’s the delicious bit. Signs of a life well-lived. While each piece we sell has been inspected for quality and stability - we’d hate to send you something that doesn’t meet our standards - we can’t 100% guarantee the integrity of every item, since we weren’t there for the love it had before.



Here’s how to treat your pieces well so that they can go on to live many more lifetimes.

  • Avoid getting them wet (this is especially true with foil-backed pieces). Take off all jewelry when conducting your daily rituals such as showering, applying lotion or perfume, cleaning, etc. Products you use will build up on your jewelry over time, and will dull their vibrance.
  • Do not wear jewelry to the gym or during other rigorous activity. That’s how your pieces will get scratched and smooshed.
  • Store your pieces in a separate container, so they don’t get banged up on other jewelry of yours.
  • Each item has different cleaning requirements, so please do a bit of Googling before diving in. If you can’t take your items to a professional, our favorite home cleaning method is to soak in some warm water with the tiniest bit of windex or dish soap, and then give it a good scrub with a soft toothbrush.