Sentiment is what makes our world go around. Nostalgia is our most favorite emotion. Devereux started as an outlet for collecting these stories and feelings, and sharing them with those who join us in our constant search for beauty and meaning.

Devereux is built upon the idea that sharing isn’t taking. It isn’t extractive. Pieces of jewelry are tokens of memories, not trophies of earth’s riches. Instead, meaning compounds as items are passed down and given new life, which is why we only uses materials in our pieces that have been used before. This turns wearers into lineage participants; each piece bringing with it a long history shared with kindred spirits who once loved items made from those same materials. 

Devereux is proudly and meticulously made in New York by master goldsmiths. All items from our collection are made bespoke and just for you, which is yet another way that we aim to reduce the waste produced by our existence. Leave a lasting impression and a small footprint... that's the name of our game. 

We have pledged 1% for the Planet, which means that a portion of revenue will be donated to support a wide range of environmental causes. We also believe strongly in the commitment to spend 15% of our marketing budget on supporting Black artists and creators.



Lauren Devereux Burns has been a story-loving, memento-hunting, antique fiend for as long as she can remember. At 9, she saved her pennies for a whole year so she could buy a little gold ring from her local antique store. At age 15, she got a job teaching kids how to make jewelry at a bead store, which allowed her to peruse the Sunday flea market on the Upper West Side with abandon.

Despite falling in love with her gold-smithing classes in college, she convinced herself that no one should be allowed to have this much fun for work. After a career in marketing, tech, and venture capital... she made her way back.