Judy Ring

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Once upon a time, in a junk pile not so far away, stood this old piece of white gold scrap. It had once lived as a watch cover, shielding the time of day from an anxious wearer and reminding them to slow down and enjoy some beauty for just a little longer. Sadly, that watch broke, and its owner moved on to more modern methods for time telling. So off of the wrist this cover popped, and into a pile of old scrap it landed, ready to be broken down and sold off for scrap. That was, before we found it. 

We took one look at this twinkling leafy plate of gold and knew it was deserving of a second time around So we polished it up, fixed it to a support structure made of 14k yellow gold, and made it into a ring. 26 diamonds total approximately 1/2 ct in weight.

Size 7.5.